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Welcome to the CDHINES Computer Services, LLC website.  We offer computer training, web developing, networking, consulting, tech support and software design.  We sell customized computer systems, printers, and a whole lot more.  Why pay the overhead costs of having a full-time IT staff when you could outsource to CDHINES?

Systems starting at under $600

* Call today and build a system that fits
your budget.

Notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices for those on the go.

Our services include the following:

  • Computer Repair and Tech Support -We love computers.  At CDHINES Computer Services, we build, repair, upgrade, provide software support and will even help you decide what type of system would be best for your needs. If we can help you on the phone great, if not we will go on site and diagnose or pick it up, take it to our lab and then deliver it back to you without charging any extra delivery fees (Somerset, KY city limits only). Small travel fee is applied for those outside of the Somerset, KY city limits. Our prices are guaranteed to be the best around? This is a fact!  Reliable, honest and affordable tech support, that's CDHINES.  Return to main menu.

  • Computer Training -Customized computer training as well as pre-structured classes at extremely affordable prices and free support for the classes you take, even after the class has been completed.  If you get stuck, give us a call.  All classes include an easy-to-follow book, a certificate of completion and you will leave with a solid understanding of the material discussed. We will be posting our class schedule soon.  Soon, we will be releasing our online registration where you can register when you want as long as you have a major credit card. *Read on......or Return to main menu.
  • If you would rather not attend a structured class and instead learn from the comfort of your own home,  no problem, because we offer one-on-one customized training as well.  If you would rather come to our lab and have a one-on-one customized training with us then just give us a call to set up an appointment.
  • Computer Classes -We offer classes covering common home/business applications such as:  Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage),  Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Microsoft Project, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Corel WordPerfect 8/2000 just to name a few. We offer classes for the beginner to even the most advanced, but you can rest assured that your class will include only those at the same level as you for that particular class. This is the computer age and everyone should be given an equal opportunity to learn.  When you take a class with CDHINES, you automatically receive a free membership, where it pertains to the class you took, to our Computer Tips section of the website.  Return to main menu.
  • Web Developing -We develop, design and deploy web sites that are guaranteed to attract visitors.  Having a presence on the web shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg and at CDHINES Computer Services we offer all the latest and greatest technologies without the outrageous, inflated prices.  We are there every step of the way. We will take care of the whole process, including the hosting. Call today for a free consultation. *Your company could be on the web for as little as $90 and that includes 30 pop email boxes too (meaning you can check your email with any email program), your very own domain name (yourcompany.com) and your hosting for the first month to see how much the Internet can help your business grow!  Return to main menu.
  • Networking -Are you needing a reliable company that you can trust with your data, one that will manage your servers for you without the overhead of insurance policies, vacations, sick leave and all those other unnecessary costs of having a full-time IT staff when really all you need is someone to take care of problems if they arise?  CDHINES Computer Services has a proven track record of keeping clients connected and if you are not connected yet then, hey, we do that too, taking care of all the cabling and configurations at down-to-earth prices.
  • Did you just get high-speed Internet by using a Cable Modem, DSL or a satellite broadband service and you have more than one computer? What about the security issues involved?  I bet they didn't tell you about that and they don't have to, but we will.  Learn how to keep those pesky little rodents, called hackers, away from your system.  We can show you how all of your computers can be on the Internet at the same time without having to setup another account.  Return to main menu.
  • Consulting -Not sure what system, software or how to go about using computers more efficiently and thereby reducing cost, then give us a try.  We will help you decide on the best strategy for using your computer systems to maximize profit and efficiency. We even build customized applications.  Don't let the fancy terms from salespeople entice you to buy; when CDHINES Computer Services will help you take out the guess work.  Return to main menu.
  • Software Design  -Are you looking for software catered to the customized needs of your business operations?  Look no further than CDHINES Computer Services.  We will analyze your operations and perform a systems analysis and design the software necessary to meet your requirements.  If for some reason down the road you decide that you would like to add more functionality, not a problem. Return to main menu
  • Outsourcing -Why pay the overhead cost of having a full-time IT staff when you could outsource it on an as-needed basis to CDHINES Computer Services?  We have a proven track record!
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